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Draft Teaser from Rebellion

This is a draft teaser from Rebellion, A Dangerous Man Book #2. I'm a little behind schedule on the publishing, but it should be ready before the end of the month.

I FALL ASLEEP SOON AFTER, LULLED by the steady hum of the car engine. When I wake up, my head is resting on David’s shoulder, and he is slowly stroking my hair. I realize that the car is no longer moving. I open my eyes and sit up, wondering how long I've been asleep.

“You’re awake.” He states, his voice is without inflection, making me wonder if I’ve imagined the tenderness in his touch. “You were very determined to use me as a pillow.” He explains. I wonder if he is teasing me, but I can’t tell from his face.

He watches me as I stretch self-consciously and smooth my hair. Steve is already opening the door on my side. I step out of the car, looking around me to get a feel of my surroundings.

We’re parked on a tree-lined street, in front of a towering stone and glass apartment block. I have to crane my neck to try to see all of it. The walls are cream stone, and the glass gleams in the sun. It’s massive and yet elegantly beautiful.

Right in front of me, a pair of glass double doors stands under a wide curved awning. As I take it in, David comes to my side, slipping his hand around my waist with a touch that is both firm and proprietary. As always, I immediately react to his touch, my skin tingling where I can feel the pressure of his fingers.

He leads me inside, when we reach the entrance, a doorman holds the door open.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Preston, Mr. Preston.” The man greets me with a smile as David and I step inside. I look at him in surprise, and smile back. “Good afternoon.” I reply, inexplicably pleased at being addressed by my new name.

“Thank you Jimmy.” David’s voice is curt. He doesn’t pause. His hand on my waist urges me forward and I follow him into the spacious lobby. I take a second to look around, taking in the magnificent space. The floors are perfect gleaming marble, so well-polished that I can see my reflection when I look down. The walls are richly detailed and paneled, and the ceiling is at least two storeys high, and hung with a sparkling crystal chandelier. Everything carries an air of unmistakable luxury.

I would stand and admire, but David’s hand at my waist is firm and insistent. I turn a questioning glance at him, wondering at his haste, but his face is impassive. He has no time to watch me appreciate the beauty that is probably commonplace to him.

The man at the front desk gives us a greeting too, also calling me Mrs. Preston. We acknowledge him without stopping as David leads me towards the elevators. In only a matter of moments, we have crossed the lobby and are in the elevator that leads to David’s penthouse apartment.

As the doors close, he turns to me and using his body, pins me against the wall, pinning my arms at my sides. I look up at him, his face is only inches from mine, and his eyes are dark and smoky with desire. I swallow hard as my body heats up from the close contact with his. Then his lips dip and he claims my senses in a scorching kiss.

I kiss him back, hungry for him, and hungry for more.

“I’m going to make love to you until your voice is hoarse from screaming my name.” He promises softly when we come up for air, making my heart pound with excitement, his sudden passion erasing any doubts I have had in the past hour. He kisses me again. “Your lips are so soft.” He whispers huskily. The look in his eyes sets fire to my blood. He continues to kiss me, his lips tracing a path down from the sensitive spot below my ear down to where the neckline of my blouse covers the top of my breasts, which are heavy and aching with need. My breath starts to come in short moans. I want him here, now.

He straightens with a low chuckle. “Don’t be in such a rush, sweetheart,” His voice is faintly teasing, “We’re almost there.”

I don’t understand how he can be so calm, when the torrent of need flowing through me has made me almost incapable of speech. My hands are shaking with the need to touch him, even the sound of his voice is like an aphrodisiac, stirring me on. I take a deep breath to steady myself.

The bell dings and the doors open into an immaculate foyer, which is bigger than the living room of my apartment back in Ashford. The perfectly finished dark wood floors are complemented by the honey-toned paneling, which covers the walls. Lovely paintings of subjects ranging from wildflowers to waterfalls add definition to the walls. At one end of the room, a set of polished wood double doors lead out into a huge living room.

It’s exceptionally beautiful. On two sides, the walls are windows, with exquisite views of the Sound, the city, the Mountains beyond, and many landmarks I can’t yet identify. The wood floors are covered with artfully placed rugs. In the perfectly arranged lounge area, there are two comfortable looking couches and a window seat, where I can instantly see myself curled up and reading. Further inside, in another carpeted area, there is a large dining table, with a vase of perfectly arranged flowers on top of the polished wood surface.

Everything is so perfect. “Wow.” I breathe, entranced. “It’s so beautiful.”

He nuzzles my neck, sending a quiver of pleasure flowing across my body, reminding me of our unfinished business from the elevator, my body responds immediately, but then he straightens, leaving me feeling vaguely abandoned.

I don’t notice the smallish, middle-aged woman until I hear her voice. “Good afternoon,” I turn, startled at the sound of the voice, and see her standing behind us. “Welcome to Seattle, Mrs. Preston.”

She is smiling at me. I smile back. “Thank you.”

“Sophie, this is Mrs. Daniels, Your housekeeper.” David introduces us, as the elevator bell dings and Steve comes in, carrying David’s suitcase and my luggage, as if they weigh nothing.

“Come on,” David turns to me, “let me show you the rest of the apartment. Mrs. Daniels will unpack your things.”

I nod, wondering, as Steve carries my luggage further into the apartment, if I’ll ever get used to people doing things for me that I’ve always done by myself.

I let David lead me through the rest of the magnificent apartment. I am excited beyond belief that I’m going to live in this insanely beautiful place. Beyond the dining area is a modern kitchen with equipment I can’t even identify, let alone use, with a marble topped island in the middle, and a comfortable looking breakfast nook for four. There is more, his study, a wood paneled room with shelves upon shelves of books, and another set of floor to ceiling windows, which provide more breathtaking views of the city. A staircase leads to a private terrace with a sparkling blue swimming pool. There are two guest bedrooms that look beautiful, if unused.

I already know that he is rich, but this is luxury. “It’s more beautiful than I imagined.” I tell him, enchanted with it all.

He leads me down the hall to the last door, the master suite. He puts his hand on the handle and smiles at me. “Are you ready to see your room, Mrs. Preston?”

My heart quickens. “I believe I am, Mr. Preston.” He chuckles deeply, and opens the door into a huge bedroom.

The floor is completely carpeted, and the windows are covered from floor to ceiling with long white drapes. There are two armchairs and a coffee table in a corner, and a dressing table with a wide mirror. But it’s the bed that catches my attention. It is huge, taking up most of the space on one side of the room. It’s perfectly made and looks very inviting. It’s a bed to roll around in. It’s a bed to make love in. I step towards it, moving almost involuntarily.

I stop at the foot of the bed and run my hands along the soft cotton bedspread. I turn to see if David is following me, he is right behind me.

His face dips to the back of my neck, moving may hair out of the way, as he uses his lips to tease the sensitive skin. “Do you like it?” He whispers, his voice is unmistakably sensual.

I bend my neck, exposing more of my skin to his lips. “Yes.” I whisper.

He pulls me to him, his hands circling my waist, and molding my body against his. I sigh and lean back, pressing myself against his hard body. I feel his erection against the back of my thighs and my body clenches in sweet need. I moan softly.

“You’re an aphrodisiac.” He states, his voice is husky and rough. “I want you every minute,” His hands grab hold of my breasts, kneading them softly from behind.

I close my eyes, luxuriating in the feel of his hands and the sound of his voice. His hands roam down from my breasts to my thighs. Gripping the hem of my skirt, he pulls it up until it is around my waist. I feel cool air on my exposed flesh, then his hands, warm, strong, caressing the softness of my bum, until I want so much more.

We’re still standing, and my legs are so weak that I have to lean back against him. He unbuttons my blouse, and undoes my bra, pushing it up until my breasts spill into his hands.

I sigh with pleasure when he grabs them, massaging them with a slow, rhythmic motion, while playing with my aching nipples with his fingers. I moan and press harder against him, wet, and aching, desperate for him to give me what I need.

Still standing, he pulls my panties down and spreads my legs, stroking me with his fingers. I am so wet, they slip into me very easily, I hear him groan, and the sound fires my blood. I reach back for his belt, but he is faster than I am. He releases me for a moment, while he undoes his pants, the next moment I can feel him, rock hard, pressing insistently against my thighs.

I shimmy until my panties fall all the way down, and then step out of them, leaving them discarded on the floor. I spread my legs, aching for him to fill me. His fingers start to stroke me again, I hear myself panting as he rubs back and forth, in and out, pleasuring me. I groan loudly, moving my hips to his rhythm. He strokes me until my hips are jerking uncontrollably, then he pulls his fingers away and replaces them with his thick, hard length.

I press backward, and he pushes into me, filling me. I whimper uncontrollably, crying out again and again as he thrusts, still gripping my hips. I match his strokes, pushing him deeper and deeper into my core. I feel out of balance, like any moment I will fall, but I don’t care, the only thing that matters is each sure thrust, each sweet burst of pleasure. My whole body is heating up, and getting slick with sweat, but I don’t care, I only want more. He groans and grips my waist tighter, thrusting harder and faster. I can’t feel my fingers, or my toes, I can’t feel anything, only him, and the devastating pleasure he is giving me. I cry hoarsely as my brain reduces to nothing but sweetness. My body stiffens and I lose myself, falling against him with a shrill moan as he groans and comes in a hot rush inside me.

I can’t catch my breath. I can feel his heart beating against my back, and his breath coming in deep gasps. He slips out of me and my body shivers with residual pleasure. My legs give way and we both collapse on the soft rug.

When I catch my breath, I look at him, unable to suppress a giggle, as I take in how ridiculous we both look, half-undressed and lying on the floor.

David follows my gaze, and chuckles. He kicks off his pants, then gets up and lifting me as easily as if I weigh nothing, he carries me over to the bed, collapsing on top of me on the soft mattress.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Preston.”

“Thank you, Mr. Preston.”

I am still giggling. He gets up and starts to take off the last of his clothing. As I watch him undress, my body starts to throb again. He is so magnificent.

I sit up and pull off my half-discarded blouse, my bra and skirt follow. He starts to watch me and I revel in the pleasure of watching him go hard again. By the time I am completely undressed, I know we’re not leaving the bed anytime soon.

“What are you trying to do to me?” He growls as he kneels on the bed, right between my spread legs.

I can’t hide my pleasure. “Have I done something wrong? I ask, mock contrite.

He chuckles, “No sweetheart,” he says, as he enters me deliciously slowly. “You’re doing everything right.”

Rebellion (A Dangerous Man #2)

Awakening (A Dangerous Man #1) is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.


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